Our Services - Freight Forwarding

A selective, comprehensive and strategic independent global freight network

Global supply chains depend upon customised, flexible solutions and communication to stay connected.

Our carefully selected global agency network, with aligned values and common technology platform enables seamless service execution and flow of information. Personalised service, accountability and attention is delivered by a more intimate relationship model which excels as we understand your needs and adapt our operations to support – customer service is our priority. Our integrated systems provide a global platform to provide an interface between you and your vendors with goods receipt, transport planning, shipping, and distribution through online services or an integrated platform (EDI) with your ecosystem.

Lower overheads and leveraged networks enable more competitive prices, carrier and routing options, without the constraints of selected carrier programs.

Sea Freight

Customised and cost-effective sea freight delivery through varied and reliable services

Australian companies need access to a wide range of ocean freight service offerings to optimise their supply chains to meet transit, cost and reliability priorities.

Our carefully selected global agency and supplier network allow us to present customers with the most flexible, customisable and cost-effective solutions. Our leading-edge technology supports operational and
tracking requirements, through PO Management solutions, to container
optimisation, and shipment tracking. This is all supported with granular visibility, enhanced reporting and regular progress updates.

Without limiting our services through selective carrier programs, our customers are able to access the most suitable services for their own supply chain requirements, and leverage our technology to enhance decision-making and effectively track the progress of all movements globally.


  • Oceanfreight – FCL | LCL | Break bulk | RoRo | Charters
  • Control and track – bookings, shipments, transit, delivery
  • Measurement – compliance, accuracy
  • Analysis – lead time, performance, spend analytics

Air Freight

Responsiveness and surety to meet your deadlines

Airfreight is a premium service that companies depend upon to meet deadlines and support their customers’ demands, operational requirements or stocking needs.

Our global network understands that with airfreight time is of the essence to meet customer expectations. We have access to all major services ensuring the availability speed, reliability, and cost-effective
solutions to empower our solutions. Our services are underpinned by effective tracking solutions so customers remain informed of progress throughout.

Our experienced staff and best-in-class customer service supported by industry-leading technology provide total visibility in tracking all shipments throughout their life-cycle.

Customers can make decisions and commitments with the
confidence that the best available services have been selected to minimise risk and increase security of supply.


  • Airfreight – Consolidation | Express | Priority
  • Control and track – bookings, shipments, transit, delivery
  • Measurement – compliance, accuracy
  • Analysis – lead time, performance, spend analytics


Flexible national footprint helping customers grow

3PL solutions can help overcome challenges with seasonality, unpredictability, and the costs and risks associated with developing infrastructure.

Our proven process accompanied with in-depth industry knowledge provides a competitive advantage through lower total costs, speed to market, or simply allowing customers to focus on core activities.

We have facilities throughout Australia and can support operations with a flexible, low risk execution model.


  • Inbound – ASNs | PO Management | Air | Sea | Road
  • Storage – Bulk | Cartons | Smalls | Pallets
  • Inventory Management – Batch | Stock Control | Quality Control
  • Outbound – Pick | Pack | Kitting | Labelling
  • Order Management – Consolidation | Tracking | Batching

Customs Brokerage

The experience and resources to ensure consistent legislative compliance

Prompt and effective clearance of international cargoes is critical to the success of any global supply chain. Businesses need support to navigate the complex regulations and laws of the global border force community.

Our customs brokers and network partners have substantial knowledge of customs and quarantine regulations, allowing prompt and effective clearance of international cargo. We work in concert with the Australian Border Force Authorities including Customs and Quarantine. We also work closely with our agents to ensure the obligations of parties at both ends of an international shipment are satisfied in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Our expertise allows us to effectively clear shipments, provide clear and concise advice, and access all available trade facilitation programs to keep customers competitive.


  • Formalities – Customs, Quarantine Clearance and Processing
  • Trade Facilitation – Free Trade Agreements, Tariff Concessions & Advice
  • Value Added Services – Landed Costing, Duty Refunds and Drawbacks

Project Logistics

A unique perspective and understanding of Project supply chain requirements

Successful Projects are through planning, alignment, schedule and executing in alignment with the plan to be successful.

Port Air offers clients a unique perspective and understanding of Project supply chain requirements.

Our Managing Director recently spent 8 years overseeing the Regional Supply Chain Operation (Procurement, Subcontracts, Logistics & Trade Compliance) for a major global EPC company. Leading diverse Project SCM teams for multiple projects ranging from USD30 million to USD3 Billion affords Port Air a profound understanding of customer requirements, mechanics and interfaces.

This knowledge helps us create successful partnerships and practical integrated solutions to execute projects of any scale.


  • Project Management – Consultancy | Contract Development | Procedure Development
  • Supply Chain – Procurement | Subcontracts | Expediting
  • Planning – Risk assessment | Transport Planning and engineering | Route surveys
  • Loading – Packing | Consolidation | Lifting, Transport, Shipment & Stowage plans
  • Freight Management – Ocean freight | Air freight | Charters | Land transport
  • Customs – Brokerage | Tariff Concessions | Tariff Advice | Consultancy
  • Storage – Laydown | Supply Base | Warehouse | Preservation.

Supply Chain Consulting

Providing intrinsic value through re-imagining Supply Chains

Independent supply chain reviews can offer insight, provide new ideas and help set direction aligned with customer goals.

Leveraging expertise across an industry, combined with strategic supply chain modelling expertise, Port Air can both understand customer needs, and align them with a fit-for-purpose comprehensive logistics management network.

Comprehensive understanding and improved supply chain models increase efficiency, lowers costs and generates competitive advantages.


  • General – supply chain strategy, analysis and design
  • Procurement and Subcontracts – consultancy, process development, audit
  • International Services – strategy, network design and analytics
  • Warehousing – network review, improvement and modeling
  • Inventory – analysis, visibility & planning
  • Transport – network evaluation, optimisation and cost reduction
  • Technology – selection, integration & use
  • Performance – Assessment, Best Practice and Benchmarking.